Choose the Right Style

There are many different types of hardware available. Narrowing down the options can be a daunting task. Here are some suggestions for choosing the ideal hardware for your home.

1: Determine your Home Style

What is the style of your home? Is it rustic, traditional, classic, transitional or modern? What style of architecture was used in the construction of your house?  Make sure the hardware you select is consistent with your home's style. The visual reference below can be used to determine the style of your home.

2: Choose a Finishing Color

Picking a color essentially comes down to satisfying your personal preferences. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.


1) Decide if you want to go for a contrasting  or subtle look. Keep in mind your door/cabinet colors and choose a color finish accordingly. If you are aiming to add contrast, do something sharp, for example black handles on white doors or polished chrome on black doors. On the other hand, if you like a more subtle look, you should add similar colored handles such as satin brass on a beige door, or satin nickel on a white door.

2) Colors can be mixed and matched as long as they complement one another. However, don't combine matte and reflective colors. Despite their similar appearances, they represent very different styles. Matte colors are more traditional, while reflective colors are more modern. A few common colors are mentioned below, along with descriptions of how you might use them to complement your home style.

3: Selecting Hardware Shapes

Regarding hardware shapes, there are 2 things to consider; functionality and design.

In terms of functionality, we're talking about the basic shape. Are you looking for a door lever or door knob? Are you looking for a cabinet pull, cup or knob? To determine this, you need to think about how these details will affect your personal home life. A door lever is very easy to access and open, while a door knob is slightly harder.


Take these examples into consideration: If you have a child or pet who can easily access the door handle and let themselves out, you might consider installing a knob over a lever. On the other hand, if you are older or athritic, you might specifically want a lever, so that it is easier on your hands.

Another example: Horizontal pulls on your kitchen drawers  may look neat and stylish, but if you have a child or pet, they can easily use those as a ladder to climb up to the counters. In such a case you might decide that using cups or knobs is a better option for you.

Once you've decided on the fundamental shape, you know what you're trying to find. Check out the various styles available and choose what best complements the decor of your home and your particular taste. Don't be shy and ask around for opinions. Compare and contrast different design styles before making a final decision. Although hardware may appear to be just a small detail, it actually has a major impact on the atmosphere of your home.


You can check out the visual guide below to see samples of various hardware shapes/styles and what type of home they suit best.

Make sure there is a consistent theme throughout your lighting fixtures, sink faucets, cabinet pulls, and interior and exterior door knobs. Although you don't have to choose the same shapes and colors for all your hardware, you should make sure they complement each other nicely so that your home should have a consistent, uniform appearance.